Renewing Tekhelet in the Jewish People

Tekhelet was used in ancient times by Jews to dye precious textiles – including, the tzitzit cords, the clothes of the High Priest and several artifacts in the Tabernacle. Many generations ago this tradition was forgotten by the Jewish Nation, including even the identity of the snail from which the special dye was taken.

Researches conducted over the past forty years by Dr. Israel Ziderman, a worldwide authority in the study of tekhelet, have initiated the current project to revive this special tradition amongst all communities of the Jewish People.

Renew Our Days as of Old

The Vision

Since 1984 Dr. Ziderman has headed the Tekhelet Foundation, which he founded in order to promote the perpetuation of Rabbi Herzog's study. The Foundation has four main goals:

  • a

    Using snails native to Eretz Yisrael, not imported ones, for producing tekhelet – so as to renew our days as of old!

  • b

    Growing the snail and reproducing them in artificial pools - for preservation for future generations and protecting them from extinction due to the pollution of the Mediterranean Sea, and to ensure a continuous supply of shellfish for mass-production of the dyestuff.

  • c

    Production of tekhelet colour in a novel method, without chemicals – according to Dr. Ziderman’s most recent scientific study.

  • d

    Supplying tallitot with tekhelet to all synagogue-worshipers - to ensure that all should benefit from this great mitzvah, as “all Jews are responsible for each other.”